In the spirit of partnership, stakeholders responsible for excavating, locating, operating and maintaining underground utilities in Alabama called for the formation of a Damage Prevention Alliance to discuss the effectiveness of the State’s damage prevention program. As the result of this initial meeting, the Alabama Damage Prevention Alliance (ADPA) was established in 2011. ADPA is committed to keeping Alabama a safer place to live and work by building partnerships and consensus supporting a stronger and more effective damage prevention program at the state level.

The ADPA works to prevent damage to underground infrastructure and facilities through:

bullet Fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the protection of underground facilities;
bullet Supporting research;
bullet Developing and conducting public awareness and education programs; and
bullet Identifying and sharing knowledge and best practices to prevent damage to underground facilities.

Membership is open to:

bullet Any group, company, municipal government or individual owning or operating underground facilities
bullet Any group, company, municipal government or individual involved in excavation that could potentially affect underground facilities
bullet Anyone involved in promoting pipeline or excavation safety
bullet Any one-call dig notification center
bullet Any government agency regulating pipeline or excavation safety