Promote public safety and prevention of damages to utility infrastructure through education, cooperation and communication efforts among all stakeholders

One Call Commission

During the last year the One Call Study Commission has met to discuss the three directives outlined in Senate Joint Resolution 76 (SJR 76). The Commission was created to study and make recommendations to the Legislature and Governor regarding: 1) the expediency and validity of only having a single One-Call notification system to serve the entire State of Alabama, included the appropriate governance, legislative oversight and membership outreach practices of the organization; 2) the adequacy of the enforcement provisions of current law; and 3) other items related to the One-Call law that may increase the level of safety to its citizens.

The Commission is made up of 28 individuals representing various stakeholder groups. A final report and recommendation is slated for late 2017

Is there a role for you in this partnership?

The Alabama Damage Prevention Alliance is a CGA Regional Partner and is comprised of stakeholder representatives who have an interest in damage prevention and public safety.

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